Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area

Open to the public in 2008 but still restricted, Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area requires mountain pass application before visiting.

Located on the border of Wufeng Township in Hsinchu and Taian Township in Miaoli, Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area is a well-known place for viewing beautiful natural scenery and splendid fog scenery. Guanwu has an altitude of 2,000 meters with the average temperature of 22.3℃. Since the thick fog usually appears, it has earned the name of “Guanwu”, which means “fog watching” in Mandarin.

Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area has a total of five trails, where divine trees over two thousand years old, giant cypresses, the famous Snow Mountain, a splendid waterfall, as well as various birds, butterflies, and flowers can be seen. The red maples on the Maple Trail can also be seen during autumn and winter. The top of Zhenshan (Zhen Mountain) Trail is one of best spots to see the attractive sunrise views, setting sun views, Dabajian Mountain views, and Snow Mountain views. Colorful azaleas and rhododendrons will bloom along the Zheshan Trail during April and May, as well as the beautiful impatiens devolii will bloom along the Kuaishan (Cypress Mountain) Trail from April to August.

With abundant natural resources, beautiful sceneries, and fresh air, Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area is one of ideal places for bird lovers, flower lovers, and hiking lovers.

Since the temperature changes without expectations, please prepare enough equipment to defense coldness. It is advised best to leave before 5 pm, for better path view while driving.

For notice and regulation please visit the Forestry Bureau at:

opening hours Hsinchu Police QingChuan Checkpoint
Phone: 03-5856005
Directions Take the THSR to Hsinchu Station, and take taxi to Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area.

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