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Situated in Wufeng Township in Hsinchu, Sheipa Leisure Farm is at an altitude of 1,923 meters above sea level. With the annually renovated cabins, full supply of toiletries, and well-equipped shower with great water pressure, Sheipa Leisure Farm is the best accommodation choice near the Sheipa National Park, Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area, and Qing Spring Hot Spring.

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  1. The farm is a non-smoking area. Please do not smoke on the farm.
  2. No outside food or drink allowed.
  3. The Forestry Bureau stipulates that farms and national parks prohibit dogs, cats, and other mammals from entering.
  4. There is no gas station in the mountain. Make sure to fill the car up with gasoline before heading up the mountain.
  5. Fog occurs commonly in the mountain, please use the headlight when driving into the mountain to ensure your safety.
Sheipa Leisure Farm looks forward to your visit.