Qing Spring Catholic Church

Situated in Taoshan Village of Wufeng Township, near the residences of Atayal and Saisiat tribes, the Qing Spring Catholic Church is a popular attraction in Qing Spring area. The Qing Spring Catholic Church is built in 1976. It was decorated by an American priest who has lived in Qing Spring area for thirty three years.
A total of eleven stained glass windows painted with birds and flowers, Jesus Christ, as well as the Mother of God are the masterpieces of the priest. There also have aboriginal paintings and aboriginal woodcrafts on the wall as decorations. Visitors may gain knowledge about aboriginal life and culture by looking at the aboriginal paintings. With splendid arts and crafts, Qing Spring Catholic Church is now one of the most popular attractions in Qing Spring.
Besides the church, the Qing Spring Hot Spring is also a well known attraction in Qing Spring area. The hot spring was developed in 1913 during the Japanese Colonial Period. The clear and odorless spring water is mildly carbonic acidic, with an average temperature of 48 degrees Celsius and a pH level of 7.7. A public hot spring pool is established nearby for visitors to enjoy.
Other nearby attractions include Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area, Sheipa Leisure Farm, Sheipa National Park, and Yemagan Mountain.
Directions Take Hsinchu Bus to Qing Spring.

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