Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area, Qing Spring Catholic Church, Qingquan Hot Spring, the House of San Mao (a famous Taiwanese authoress), and Zhang Xue Liang Former Residence are some of the attractions nearby. 

You are welcome to discover the picturesque surroundings on your own, or join the forest tours provided by our professional guides to explore the hidden beauties. Appreciate precious natural sceneries of the splendid Yemakan Mountain, magnificent Guanwu Waterfall with fogs, the divined trees at Kuai Mountain and many more for your Hsinchu travel!

Sheipa Leisure Farm 2023 Normality Promotion

The following accommodation promotion both give free activity coupons (seasonal), please participate in the activities according to the content, Items other than the promotion need to pay for on their own.

【One Park Two Meals Promotion】
Chinese dinner:
Including Dinner (Chinese Restaurant ) and Breakfast (Chinese Restaurant) Buffet.

Western dinner:
Including Dinner (Western Restaurant) and Breakfast (Chinese Restaurant ) Buffet.

*The prices of Chinese and Western food are different, and the difference needs to be made up for changing Chinese food to Western food, and the seats are limited.

【One Park Three Meals Promotion】
Including Lunch Dinner (Western Restaurant), Breakfast (Chinese Restaurant ) Buffet, Afternoon Tea (Café), and Blueberry Vinegar DIY.

*Lunch is arranged on the first day, if you want to change it to the next day, please notify us one day in advance.

● Please participate within the time limit, exceeding it is deemed to be a waiver.
● All guide tours are free, so please measure your situation and wear comfortable shoes.
● The content of the event will be adjusted depending on the weather or other factors, and the actual announcement will be based on on-site announcements.