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Introduction of Sheipa Leisure Farm

Introduction of Sheipa Leisure Farm

Situated in Wufeng Township in Hsinchu, Sheipa Leisure Farm is the best accommodation choice near the Sheipa National Park, Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area, and Qing Spring Hot Spring. With a high altitude of 1,923 meters, you may appreciate splendid Sheipa mountains, sea of clouds, starry sky, and beautiful natural sceneries here.

A bucolic refuge in the midst of a bustling city

The owner of the farm, Mr. Fan, is an agricultural expert in Taiwan with specialized and enriched working experience at Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, BASF Agrochemical Company, and Sinon Agrochemical Corporation. With his abundant experiences, as well as professional skills and knowledge, the well-kept farm has become the must-go resort offering beautiful sceneries, gorgeous flowers, fresh vegetables, sweet fruits and many others for your Taiwan travel.

Sheipa Leisure Farm offers exceptional environment and comfortable accommodations. 78 clean cabins are equipped with shower facilities as well as toiletries. All bed sheets, pillow cases, slippers, and towels are disinfected frequently. In addition, umbrellas will be prepared during raining days.

Mr. Fan has successfully introduce the advanced technology for kiwi and blue berry’s growth in Taiwan

Mr. Fan is devoted to agriculture for the past twenty years. He always spends one or two months oversea learning the latest technology annually. Among Sheipa’s farm products, kiwis and blueberries are his specialties. Fan has successfully grown kiwis in Taiwan in 1985 and blueberries in 1989. Today, Sheipa Leisure Farm is still the only place of blueberry production in Taiwan with a total harvest of over three tons each year. Our guests may visit the farm for free, taste fresh fruits, and to make blueberry vinegar DIY!

Onsite restaurants and café ensures you a farm-fresh cuisine year-round

Sheipa Leisure Farm has a Chinese restaurant, a café, and a Western restaurant. Various fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the farm have become the ingredients of our cuisines and seasonings, such as Kiwi Fried Rice, Fired Shrimp with Blueberry Sauce, Stir-Fried Beef with Pineapple, Lemon Chicken, Kiwi Jam with French Toast, Kiwi Wine, and Blueberry Vinegar. Each dish is served with fresh flowers for garnish.
The outdoor coffee shop offers cakes, coffee, desserts, fresh juices, herbal teas, and pizzas. You may appreciate the magnificent sea of clouds and beautiful natural views at the spacious terrace while enjoying the delicious foods.

The farm grows a wide array of beautiful flowers and fruits including cherry blossom, peony, hydrangea, impatiens, plum, snow pear, oriental pear, maple and many more. The owner shares his experience of farming as well as the knowledge of pesticides and organic fertilizers. You are welcome to ask him any questions about farming.

Welcome to enjoy the attentive services, cozy accommodations, delicious cuisines, fresh fruit products, and natural views at Sheipa Leisure Farm!