About Sheipa


  1. Welcome to visit for free, If there are many people on holiday, please cooperate with the traffic control staff to arrange to park.
  2. No outside food or drink allowed and any camping and picnics, picnics, etc. Our Chinese Restaurant, Western Restaurant, and Café offer meals if needed.
  3. The Forestry Bureau stipulates that farms and national parks prohibit dogs, cats and other mammals from entering, and that no camping or campfire is allowed.
  4. Please do not damage the plants, environment, or facilities in the farm. If damage is caused, please repay in full price.
  5. Blueberry farm experience activity is available only in a specific season. Other seasons are not available for visits.
  6. A sea of clouds is a natural phenomenon, so the probability of seeing sea of clouds is influenced by the season and the weather.
  7. The farm is located in the mountains, so the power supply is not as stable as the ground. The farm will turn on the power generator if needed.
  8. Gambling, drinking, drug taking, or any illegal activities are prohibited in the Farm area (including guest rooms). Those who refuse to listen to the advice and the circumstances are serious will call the police and terminate the accommodation contract.
  9. The farm is private land and does not provide car accommodation and non-resident washing services.
Farm Facilities
  1. The second and third floors of the main building are guest rooms. In order to avoid affecting the guests, the rest area in the lobby on the first floor is only open until 9:00 p.m.
  2. The restaurant, coffee shop, and the right side of the main building are all equipped with water dispensers, you can prepare your own water bottle.
  3. If you bring your own wine and water into the Chinese and Western restaurants, you will be charged a corkage fee of TWD500.
  4. Chinese restaurants can be rented from 8:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (do not use the audio equipment). Please make an appointment at the Chinese restaurant before 7:00 p.m. and pay a deposit of TWD500 (Clean after use and return the next day).
  5. Yemaganshan Trail is a virgin forest, and there is no wooden plank road (numbered 1-40 on the trunk) throughout the whole process. Some sections of the road are not easy to walk, so please measure your own situation. It is not recommended to enter if it is rainy, foggy, or after 3:30 pm in the afternoon.
  1. Fog occurs commonly in the mountain, please use the headlight when driving into the mountain to ensure your safety.
  2. There is no gas station in the mountain. Make sure to fill the car up with gasoline before heading up the mountain.
  3. The temperature the mountain can change quickly. Be sure to bring warm clothes.
  4. The farm is located at an altitude of 1,923 meters above sea level. Please evaluate your condition. If you have a special disease (e.g. mountain sickness, cardiovascular disease), please bring your own medication.
  5. Dalu Forest Rd. allows only medium size buses and small vehicles to enter.
  6. County Road 122 is a two-way road, and after 50 kilometers, it becomes the single-way Dalu Forest Road. Please pay special attention to passing vehicles.
  7. "Relief road" is used when the main road is impassable, please avoid entering (because the road is narrow and steep).